Tom Lehman
Co-Director NDLS National Training Center – WEST

Updated 05/24/2016

Another year has flown by! With that passage of time it has brought many changes to the NDLS series of training courses and to the NDLS program itself. And, while this web site is devoted primarily to the long running NDLS programs presented by this training center it also about our evolving role in creating custom training programs.

The continuing popularity of, and the demand for, the NDLS series of training courses has enabled and mandated the purchase of two new high fidelity simulators for use in ADLS. ADLS is the only globally standardized and recognized disaster medicine training program to utilyze high fidelity simulation in the course presentation!

NDLS courses are currently at Version 3.2 and going strong!

The Foundation has begun the process to develop Version 4.0

The new LMS (Learning Management System) has been launched by the NDLS-F making it not only easier to register for a NDLS course but allows the student, upon sucessful completion of the course they are registered for, to complete the pre and post tests and evaluations on line.... and then PRINT THEIR OWN CERTIFICATE upon sucessfully passing the post-test!

But wait... there's more!

Our placement in the Department of Emergency Medicine and the Division of Emergency and Disaster Global Health on the campus of the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas places us in a unique position. Occupying that position we have access to the resources, expertise, personnel and infrastructure necessary to support the creation of custom training programs at any level and in any media and delivery medium. From PowerPoint based lectures, to multimedia presentations, to delivery on CDROM or DVD, to fully functional field exercises, to table-top exercises... we have the resources available in-house to create a custom training system for your organization.

As the NDLS training program continues to grow and evolve so does our training center’s scope and role in disaster medicine and disaster preparedness training and response.

With the start and development of the EDGH program (Emergency and Disaster Global Health) we are embarking on a new path and a new direction with the EDGH Global Fellowship and the EDGH Global Training Initiative.

A new service has been added to the NTC-West roster.The NTC-WEST is pleased to announce a new service for our clients. AV production and post-production services have been added to the list of services provided by the NTC-WEST. These services will be contracted and priced on a case-by-case basis and are available to all clients who have an interest/need.

Some possibilities include;
• Record and review your training exercises
• Training Videos
• Documentation
• Advertise
• Public Service Announcements/Videos
• Podcasts
• YouTube Posts
• Record and review your NDLS training exercises

If, after looking over the site you have any questions or comments please give me a call or eMail.


Happy Training!


Tom Lehman

Co-Director NDLS NTC-West