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AVAILABLE NOW! The NTC-WEST adds new AV production and post-production services. Click here for more information!


The NTC-WEST purchases and adds two new hi-fidelity simulators to its toybox!

The two new CAE (METI) StanMan Prehospital Simulators are proof of our investment in ADLS. The two new simulators replace our ten year old (thats about one hundred in simulator years :-) METI ECS simulators.


Tom Lehman of the NTC-WEST presents in Tianjin, China at the People's Armed Police Training Center


The NTC-WEST presents at the 4th Zhongshan International Conference on Emergency and Disaster Medicine in Guangzhou, China.

Presenters included;

Dr. Kelly Klein - EMS Blast Response
Song Lehman - Adding Realism to Exercises Using Moulage - Chinese Version Click Here!
Tom Lehman - Simulation in Disaster Training Exercises


The NTC-WEST attends ACEM in Tokyo Japan.

The NRDCM is introduced at ACEM. NRDCM (Nuclear Radiological Disaster Casualty Management) is a Global Initiative investigating the readiness and preparedness levels of first responders and health care responders to effectively and safely deal with nuclear and radiological disasters.

Read the abstract



In July of this year the FICEMS endorsed the SALT Triage method. Dr. Phillip Coule of the NDLS Foundation released the following statement ( );

On July 8 all of the members of Federal Inter-agency Committee on EMS (members: DOT, DOD, HHS, DHS, and FCC) concurred with the following statement “The FICEMS recommends that state and local Emergency Medical Services (EMS) systems improve their mass casualty incident triage capabilities through adoption of triage protocols and systems that are based on the Model Uniform Core Criteria. Federal resources may be used to support development of capabilities which improve EMS system preparedness for mass casualty triage.”
The full text of their implementation plan is available at (this also includes a list of the members of FICEMS):

Check out the link above!



The start of the NRDCM Initiative! More information HERE!

08/2013 We welcome our two new Thai Visitors! Dr. Wikunda Patsinsiri and Nurse Panjasilp Somboom will be at NTC-WEST for the next six months Learning the ins and outs of the NDLS program
06/2013 Welcome the latest Global Training Center - Bangkok Thailand!

Custom Brochures Created for Pacific EMPRINTS











01/29/2013 - 02/10/2013

The NTC-WEST attends the annual Rajavithi Hospital Conference in Bangkok, Thailand.

Professor Swienton, Professor Dubin, and Associate Professor Klein, sit on one of six panels judging residents research papers.

Instructors from the NDLS NTC-West present BDLS 3.0 and ADLS 3.0 February 4th 5th and 6th.



Professor Swienton makes a NDLS/Disaster Training presentation to the Minister of Health at the Ministry of Health Feb 7th in Bangkok Thailand.


New CDLS - BDLS -ADLS Brochures created by the NTC-West. Customizable to client/host needs and requirements.

CDLS 3.0

BDLS 3.0

ADLS 3.0

07/31/2012 BDLS 3.0 Instructor Manual sent to print!
06/12/2012 Albany NY - The NTC-West Presents the second pilot of BDLS 3.0!
06/2012 A group of Public Health and Medicine officials from the country of Thailand visit The NTC-West and UT Southwestern to discuss future collaborations.
05/2012 The first BDLS 3.0 full pilot is presented at the NDMS Integrated Training Summit in Nashville, Tennessee by the NDLS-F and the National Training Centers. ADLS 3.0 is also presented.
03/2012 The NTC-E - Georgia Health presents the 2nd complete ADLS 3.0 course.
02/2012 Personnel from the NTC-West speak at the annual Rajavithi Hospital Conference in Bangkok Thailand.
02/2012 NTC-West presents the first ADLS 3.0 course in it's entirety in Houston Texas!
NDLS NTC-WEST Launch's new web site
The new web site is officially launched!
The NTC-WEST Presents BDLS in Thailand

The NTC-WEST presents BDLS in Bangkok, Thailand for the second time. As one of the ACEM pre-conference workshops BDLS was well attended with 114 in the audience. Participants hailed from Thailand, Malaysia, Taiwan, Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

On the 4th, 5th and 6th several presentations were made at the ACEM (Asian Conference of Emergency Medicine) by instructors from the NDLS NTC-WEST and physicians from UT Southwestern.

Ray Swienton, MD - Director NTC-W - Assoc Professor of EM at UTSW

Co-Chair - Typhoon/Cyclone/Flood/Landslide

Presenter - Tactical Emergency Management

Presenter - Emergency Response Teams for Disaster Management


Michael Wainscott MD - Professor of Emergency Medicine at UTSW - Director of the EM Residency AT UTSW

Presenter - Respiratory Emergencies


Paul Pepe MD - Professor of Emergency Medicine at UTSW - Chair of Emergency Medicine

Presenter - New Advances in Trauma Care

Presenter - The Development of Emergency Medicine education in the USA


Robert Suter DO -

Presenter - Global Importance of Emergency Medicine to the World Health Organization(WHO)


Tom Lehman - Co-Director NTC-WEST - Training Specialist at UTSW

Presenter - Training Our Responders - Disaster: Before it Happens


Much more information available at



NDLS NTC-WEST Posts New Web Site

The NDLS National Training Center - WEST has posted a beta version of it's new web site dedicated to all things NTC-W.


NTC-WEST has trained over 11,000!

The NDLS NTC-WEST counts over 11,000 trained since 2003. This total includes CDLS, BDLS, ADLS and NDLS-DECON.

As of April, 2011 that is spread out over the following presentations...

  • CDLS x 65
  • BDLS x 202
  • ADLS x 112
  • NDLS-I x 24
  • NDLS-DECON x 24
  • 2hr Nurses BT presentation (not included in the 11,000!!! Add another 1000 plus!) x 31

That is an average of 57.25 classes per year for 8 years!


More to come!
More to come!
Tarrant County APC Project Completed
The forth Tarrant County APC project "Planning and Implementing a Public Health Exercise for Radiological Events', has been completed and released. The project was written by Dr. Carol North and Dr. Richard King. Media development and delivery was done by Rick LaChance in our in-house studio. Check it out
Ray Swienton, MD, Director of the NTC-W, is named Editor in Chief of BDLS version 3.0

Dr. Swienton has been named Editor in Chief for BDLS v3.0. Structure and design templates have been designed and approved. Chapter authors have been selected and work has begun!

Scheduled submission of final chapters is fall of 2011. Stay tuned for more updates as they become available!

New version of ADLS in the works!

The NDLS and the AMA have commissioned a new version of ADLS (version 3.0). John Armstrong, MD has been named Editor in Chief.

ADLS v3.0 is scheduled for a end of 2011 release.

The NTC-WEST contracts another custom training project for the Tarrant County NACCHO Advanced Practice Center

A new project has been completed for the Tarrant County Public Health NACCHO Advanced Practice Center (APC). The project was a Train-the-Trainer program entitled "Planning and Implementing a Public Health Exercise for Radiological Events.



More to come!
More to come!
More to come!
More to come!
More to come!
More to come!
More to come!
More to come!
More to come!
More to come!
More to come!