NDLS National Training Center - WEST™

The NDLS® National Training Center - WEST™ is one of the two NDLS® National Training Centers. As a National Training Center the NTC-W™ can present the full range of NDLS® courses anywhere in the US and the world.

New courses and new course content is beta tested and proven through the National Training Centers.

The NTC-W™ is also at your service to aid in the establishment of new training centers and to vet new instructors.

The NTC-WEST™ offices are located in the "E" Building, 6th floor, suite 110, on the South Campus of the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas, Texas.

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The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center is a campus consisting of the UTSW Medical School of Medicine, the UTSW School of Allied Health, the EMS School for EMT/Paramedic Training, the many UTSW Clinics and Centers, and the UT Centers for Medical Research. It is also home to two University Hospitals, St. Paul and Zale-Lipshy Hospitals. On the same campus are Parkland Memorial and Children’s Hospitals.

( www.UTSouthwestern.edu )

While many of our instructors are from within the UT system we also utilize the talents and expertise of many instructors from around the country. All of our instructors are certified NDLS® instructors and are working Physicians, Nurses, Firefighter EMT/Paramedics, DECON/HAZMAT Technicians, Allied Health Professionals, Technicians and other professionals in many areas of experience and expertise.

The NTC-W™ has the logistical experience, equipment and personnel resources to delivery any of the NDLS® courses anywhere in the world. Classes have been presented coast-to-coast in the US and beyond.


In addition to the NDLS® series of training courses the NTC-W™ can, and has, developed custom courses and training materials for different organizations. From turn-key instructional courses, to multi media instructional materials, to full functional field exercises and drills, the NTC-W has the resources and personnel to custom produce what your organization needs.

Access to the academic and technical resources of the UT system make the NTC-W™ uniquely qualified to produce custom training solutions. Included among our resources are not only the academic resources needed but the facilities and personnel necessary to truly produce custom video, audio and multi-media materials for your training needs. Custom training materials can be delivered via print, PowerPoint, lecture, web, Podcast, CDROM and DVD.

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Raymond E. Swienton MD, FACEP
Professor of Emergency Medicine - UTSW
Co-Director Section of EMS, Disaster Medicine & Homeland Security - UTSW
Director NDLS NTC-W
NDLSF Executive Board Member
NDLSEC Executive Board Member

Tom Lehman AAS
Co-Director NDLS NTC-W
Director NDLS Global Development for the NTC-W


Paul Moore MS, NREMT
NDLS Training Specialist
Clinical Research Manager – UTSW


Song Lehman AA
NDLS Administration and Course Coordination
Administrative Associate - UTSW