NDLS® National Training Center - WEST™


The NTC-WEST™ offers several exclusive training courses. Click on the links below or CONTACT US for more information.

This version of NDLS-DECON™ is unique to the NTC-WEST™. The two day NDLS-DECON course focus on the need for and the implementation of a successful MEDICAL DECONTAMINATION program. It was designed to insure that our healthcare facilities are kept open and operating and healthcare personnel protected in the midst of a large scale emergency requiring patient decontamination. Click here for more information
NDLS-DR™ was created as a one day refresher course for those who had previously taken NDLS-DECON™. However, NDLS-DR stands well on it's own as a training refresher for already established DECON hospital DECON teams. Click here for more information.

We have several examples of Disaster Triage. Click Here to see more!