NDLS DECON is no longer offered. A new version of NDLS-DECON is under development

National Disaster Life Support - DECON™ (NDLS-D™) is two full days of classroom and hands-on, operations-level, Decontamination and PPE training.

• 16 hour class (6-didactic, 10-practical)
• Advanced practicum “hands on” course
• Meets HAZMAT Operations-level training requirement (CFR 129-1910) and CFR 49.12 operations level HAZWOPER training)
• Provider status & course certification awarded
through CECBEMS or the Texas DSHS

The NTC-West™ provides all training materials. This includes;

Typically the host would typically supply;



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Typical Course Agenda

0730-0800 Registration
0800-0920 NDLS Overview
0920-0930 Break
0930-1030 Detection and Monitoring
1030-1100 DECON Team Requirements
1100-1115 Break
1115-1200 DECON Operations
1200-1300 LUNCH
1300-1645 DECON Demo and PPE DEMO
0730-0800 Registration
0800-0815 Tent/Site Set-Up Video
0815-0915 Incident Command
0915-0930 Break
0930-1030 Communication
1030-1200 Practical Exercises Group 1
1200-1300 Lunch
1300-1430 Practical Exercises Group 2
1430-1600 Practical Exercises Group 3
1600-1700 Evaluation and Closing

Course Credits: Appropriate Course credits are awarded for qualified participants through CECBEMS for EMS Providers and the Texas DSHS for CME, CNE, RS, SS, CHES



DECON Disaster Life Support™ (NDLS-D™)
The ability to decontaminate a large number of victims of a chemical, biological, or radiological event will require large numbers of personnel properly trained and equipped to provide decontamination. Although healthcare providers in Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) will be needed to render immediate care and triage victims, the majority of the workforce to provide decontamination in a disaster of this nature should be non-clinical, hospital based personnel.

NDLS-DECON™ is designed to meet this need by providing introductory training for hospital based decontamination. NDLS-DECON™ provides flexibility permitting training to be customized to specific equipment and site features.
The components of the NDLS-DECON™ program include:
  • Lectures covering:
    • Regulations, operations and equipment
  • Demonstration and practice:
    • Donning/Doffing PPE
    • Site selection and set-up
    • Patient decontamination
  • Small Group Interactive Sessions
  • Decontamination drill
Target Audience:
  • Hospital Based Decontamination Team members
    • Non-clinical Hospital Personnel (DECON Team)
    • Physicians
    • Nurses
    • PA’s
    • EMT’s /Paramedics
    • Allied health professionals
  • Students in health care studies
  • Emergency Managers
  • Hospital Safety/Security Personnel/Law Enforcement Officers
  • First Responders & Fire Fighters
Class size: 60 maximum.
Pre-requisites: None
Course Length: 16 hours over two days
Re-Certification: TBD


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