Just as the two day NDLS-DECON™ course was designed as a MEDICAL DECONTAMINATION, HOSPITAL DECON TEAM instructional course the NDLS-DR™ content was developed with the same target audience in mind.

The one day NDLS-DECON Refresher™ (NDLSDR™) course was originally intended as a refresher to the two day NDLS-DECON course.

However, NDLS-DR™ stands well on its own as a refresher or drill for an already established hospital DECON team.

NDLS-DR™ emphasizes communication skills, Incident Command structure and hand's-on motor skills. The NTC-W™ brings all of the equipment and personnel necessary to stage a fully functional DECON exercise using a three lane DECON shelter with all auxiliary equipment and 20 sets of Level "C" PPE, as well as, digital communications devices for effective field communications.


Chapter 1 - NDLS-DR Introduction (PPT)


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