All DECON Courses are live events at this time. We will be posting more web based training in the future. View sample chapters in PowerPoint below.

Training Videos (from a custom production for the Tarrant County Public Health APC)

Donning and Doffing Level C PPE (Video)

Medical Decontamination and DECON Shelter Setup (Video)

Mass Casualty Triage (Video)



NDLS-DECON™ Sample PowerPoints

Chapter 1 - NDLS Overview (ppt)

Chapter 2 - Detection and Monitoring (ppt)

Chapter 3 - Communications (ppt)

CLICK HERE for the NDLS-DECON Image Gallery

NDLS-D Refresher™ Sample PowerPoints

Chapter 1 - DECON Refresher Intro (ppt)

Chapter 2 - Incident Command (ppt)

Chapter 3 - DECON Team and Site Selection (ppt)

Chapter 4 - Effective Communications (ppt)


Levels of PPE Review - CUSTOM (PPT)


Do you need Medical DECON training for your hospital based DECON Team members?

The NDLS NTC-WEST™ has two standard courses designed to inform, educate and exercise your DECON Team. The NTC-W can also custom design a DECON course, exercise or drill based on your needs. Contact us with questions or for more information.