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The NDLS NTC-West is offering our new AV acquisition and post-production facilities as a service to our clients giving you access to our AV production capabilities. We will contract this on a case-by-case basis. Call for availability, additional information and pricing. This service IS NOT LIMITED to the NDLS program and is a service offered only through the NDLS NTC-WEST. We will be happy to consider and quote any and all projects. If you have a project, exercise or training idea that you want to commit to video or audio give us a call!

HD Video (1080P), UHD video (4K) and HD Stills using Sony and GoPro HD and UHD cameras. Multi-channel audio is captured in-camera and using Tascam multi-track field recorders. A good microphone selection that includes Sennheiser wireless, Rode Shotguns, and Rode and Blue desktop/stand mounted microphones aid in the capture of high definition audio essential for quality productions.

Full post production facilities using Adobe, Microsoft and Presonus editing and content creation software applications on Apple, AVID and Presonus hardware. Limited, field based, post production facilities using Apple hardware and the Adobe video and photo editing and production applications, allow for quicker turnaround an all projects by enabling pre-assembly and file off-load in the field.

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We will travel to you or work with you to develop and produce your training videos at our site.

Highly competitive rates with high production values make this an attractive alternative to production companies that have limited experience with training exercises and training videos.

Call us today to talk about your requirements and to get a quote!

Tom Lehman - 214-315-7328

TLehman@NDLSF.org - Thomas.Lehman@UTSW.edu



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